Rental Information


Rental rates are as follows:

$6,600 per week, summer season (June/July/August/September)

About our pricing:  1724 is a family heirloom, which we feel very lucky to have, and which we enjoy sharing with those who appreciate its unique character. We keep our prices in line with our expenses, rather than the going market rate, so that we can share the house with people who will love it as we do, rather than restricting access only to those with deep pockets. In exchange, we expect our guests to respect the irreplaceable nature of our furnishings, treating them with the care they would accord furnishings in a home belonging to a dear friend. (Our house is not a museum, but neither is it a Motel 6.) Also, we expect our guests to be tolerant of some of the less up-to-date aspects of our home: The double beds are not queens or kings, but true doubles. The kitchen appointments are simple. (We have a dishwasher and a microwave, but no garbage dispose-all, or food-processor.) We have window fans, but no air-conditioning.

If you are looking for a crash-pad for your rugby team, or the latest in luxury, you’d probably be happier elsewhere. Please contact us if you have specific questions about our home. The calendar below shows what remains available for the 2019 season. We accept stays of one week or more.


IMPORTANT NOTE: Nantucket is 30 miles at sea, served by a limited number of car-carrying ferries daily. If you intend to bring a vehicle to Nantucket, you are urged to make a reservation with the Steamship Authority as early in your vacation plans as possible. Boats sell out quickly, so avoid disappointment by booking early. You may make reservations online at: or by telephone at: 508.477.8600.

For more information, or to book your stay, please contact us at this address: We are currently taking reservations for the 2019 season.

September and October are a very special time on Nantucket. The crowds are gone, the beaches are tranquil, and the coolness in the air at evening is easily banished in front of a roaring fire. The moors turn colorful gradually, from green and brown to vivid red, and the hawks and other birds come out from hiding. Consider spending some time at 1724 at this time of year.

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